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NEWS 9/02/20

COVID Safety: How we’re taking action

How we’re making events safe

Now more than ever we are taking steps to ensure our guests and our people can gather safely. Read below to learn more about how we’re executing safe events.


For Our People

For Our Guests


Q: Can I still plan my event?

A: Yes, we’d love to help you plan your next meeting or event! Our events team is back on site and currently offering socially distanced tours for a maximum of 6 people with masks required. Planning meetings are available by appointment as well.

Q: How will I know my event is safe?

A: All staff and vendors are adhering to CDC guidelines to ensure a safe environment for you and your guests. This includes wearing masks, maintaining safe distances, and the proper serving of food and drinks. Guests are asked to self-check their symptoms and potential exposure prior to entering the event. As a venue, we are over-communicating our policies with both clients and vendors to create a safe space for all.

Q: What are the safest food options?

A: All of our preferred vendors are ServSafe COVID19 certified and have trained their staff in new safety protocols. In addition they can offer all individualized food and beverage options which helps to ensure safety during serving.

Q: How many guests can I have at my event?

A: Per Chicago and CDC Guidelines, there are currently no capacity limits regarding Covid-19.

Q: How long can my event be?

A: Your event is not limited to a specific time frame.

How events are changing

  • Plexiglass will separate guests from the buffet line, and distance will be encouraged while in line. In addition, all food and beverage options can be offered in individual packaging.
  • Tables and chairs will be set 6 feet apart in every direction
  • All staff and vendors will have their temperature taken before they enter the event, and guests will be asked to self-check symptoms prior to arrival.
Weddings & Social Events 
  • All guests will enter and exit through one point.
  • Tables will be set 6 feet apart with no more than 10 guests at the table.
  • There will be stickers on the floor by the buffets, stations, bar and restrooms indicating proper social distancing.


Questions? Concerns?

We’re here to help you gather safely, contact or call us at 312-796-6562 to start planning your next event.